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Saxophone - Verkauf, Überholung, Service, Reparatur & mehr

It`s all about your saxophone!

In my workshop i offer a broad spectrum of services, starting from minor adjustments up to a full overhaul.

Processing by mail is also possible after prior consultation.

Feel free to get in contact!

You`re on the lookout for a saxophone or mouthpiece?

Dr JD Saxophones offers a selection of revised instruments and also accessories. 

I will also, if applicable, buy saxophones and mouthpieces.

 A regular visit to my site is worth it! 


14/01/22 Neue Lieferung BSS Blätter eingetroffen!

The Shop is now available for ordering reeds, new mouthpieces and accessories. 

Please contact me if you encounter any problems in the ordering process.

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The Boston Sax Shop reeds, mouthpieces and ligatures