BSS Heritage Alto S-Bogen

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Following the success of our Heritage Tenor necks, I wanted to achieve the same tonal goals of flexibility and openness for alto. It took over a year to get it dialed in to perfection, but the result is something that I can proudly say matches the high standard set by its tenor equivalent.

Inspired by the freedom and higher neck angles that older Selmer necks have (think Balanced action and Radio Improved) The Heritage alto neck for me opens up the more closed down areas of the horn, in particular the middle register which can so often be stuffy and adding co-operative resistance and therefore more thickness to the palm keys. Its a balance though, getting the right amount of spread while still keeping plenty of core to the sound and maintaining easy intonation; hence why it took over a year!

At any rate, Im extremely excited to share these necks with you and hope you love them as much as I do!

Jack Finucane, Inhaber des Boston Sax Shops

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