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Over a year in development, the M Series Alto mouthpiece is my first alto saxophone mouthpiece offering and I couldn’t be prouder of the final result! I wanted to create something truly classic, but with the BSS signature twist on it. Inspired by a very special original early Meyer Bros piece that I’ve had for years, and before you stop reading this, I know there are a LOT of Meyer ‘clones’ out there, trust me this is not that! My philosophy with BSS products is to try and build on the past… not just try and copy it. It’s not 1955 anymore and as players we respect the history, but I also think it’s our duty to move the music respectfully forward and that applies to our equipment needs too. The M Series evokes that super classic mid-century Meyer vibe we know and love but also offers the benefits of CNC precision machining manufacturing technology to ensure every one is a ‘good one’… no forget that a ‘great one’! The piece has a medium/large chamber, fluted side walls and a sumptuous roll over baffle that gets the job done without getting thin across the registers.

The M Series is a piece that exudes warmth and spread with the brilliance needed to evoke a classic sound and the power a modern player needs. It’s a vintage mouthpiece at heart with the future in its sights.

  • precision made with aerospace CNC technology

  • proprietary hard rubber made exclusively for Boston Sax Shop

  • hand finished and individually play tested at Boston Sax Shop

  • made in the USA

Jack Finucane, Inhaber des Boston Sax Shops

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5 (.071″), 6 (.076″), 7 (0.081")