BSS S-Series tenor mouthpiece


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‘Inspired by the past, crafted for the future’

I’ve been very lucky in my life to enjoy some incredible classic mouthpieces and was constantly on the search for something that had tonal homogeny throughout all ranges, but that I could get plenty of volume out of. The S-Series hard rubber tenor mouthpiece is a result of the fruits of that search and I’m proud to share a design that in my opinion encapsulates a remarkable amount of core, depth and evenness for a ‘jazz’ mouthpiece while still having the ability to cut. It’s a reference to the great ‘horseshoe’ chamber pieces of the past, but made for the modern player.
Creating the BSS line of mouthpieces has also given me an opportunity to approach the boutique market with a fresh methodology. After a lot of research, we partnered with one of the most technically advanced CNC machine shops in the country, giving us the ability to dial in an unbelievable level of precision and absolute consistency piece to piece. No need to worry if you are going to get a ‘good one’ because they are all great. In addition, every single one is hand finished at the shop and personally play tested by yours truly. I couldn’t be much more excited to share with you my first mouthpiece offering which represents for me the pinnacle of my product design over the past years and a milestone for Boston Sax Shop.

Jack Finucane, Inhaber des Boston Sax Shops

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7* (.105″ / 2,6 mm), 8* (.115″ / 2,9 mm)