Dr. JD`s The Hook – Extraschutz der Oktavmechanik

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The Hook – the octave pin safety gadget

This useful little tool is available in the original only at Dr JD Saxophone. The hook made of brushed brass reliably protects the driver of the octave mechanism against bending.

A bent pin of the octave mechanism is unfortunately one of the most common damages on saxophones in daily use. An end plug reduces the risk, but ultimately does not prevent lateral bending. For this purpose, this hook was developed, which encloses the pin and thus provides additional protection.

Currently available in 27.5 mm diameter, which is the most common for tenor saxophones.

Besides single hooks, I also offer specially handmade wooden end plugs. Each of these protectors is unique. The fit has been tested on Selmer and Yanagisawa saxophones. Available in two lengths: approx. 46 mm (standard) and approx. 37 mm (short if there is little space in the case). Please note that the heart protectors are individually made pieces and accordingly there may be minor variations.

Available options:

The Hook single

- individual end plug standard

- individual end plug short

- simple plastic end plug


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