In my workshop I offer a wide range of services for your saxophone by appointment. Also a handling by mail (DHL) is possible - your saxophone will be very well packed and sufficiently insured by me. In principle, I also ship my instruments worldwide.

In a saxophone, even a small technical problem can have a big impact on the playability and vice versa. To find this out, it usually requires a personal inspection of your instrument, which I will perform for you free of charge. In addition, I offer you at the same time various repair / maintenance options with corresponding cost estimates. 

Since every instrument has its own individual history, I deliberately refrain from quoting all-inclusive prices - but we are sure to find a solution.


To function optimally, your saxophone needs regular care and maintenance. This usually includes:

  • cleaning of the instrument 
  • changing single waring parts (pads, felts...)
  • oiling the mechanics
  • minor adjustments

Furthermore, minor repairs are often required, such as removing dents, straightening or soldering pillars, replacing broken springs or eliminating mechanical play in individual flaps.



At longer intervals (5-15 years depending on use) or after long storage, your instrument usually requires a complete overhaul. This includes at least:

  • complete disassembling and cleaning
  • changing all pads
  • changing corks and felts
  • adjusting the spring tension
  • oiling the mechanics
  • adjusting the mechanics
  • personal play test
  • Free inspection if necessary with minor adjustments within
    6 months after the overhaul

Additional work is often recommended for particularly stressed or vintage saxophones, such as polishing the silver plating, removing mechanical play, leveling the tone holes, replacing the springs, or optimizing the neck receiver. 

Customizations such as instrument stripping and/or patination are also possible.

I will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate for this.

Eine Bezahlung des Service ist stets nach Abschluss der Arbeiten fällig.  In den für Leistungen und Neuwaren angegebenen Preisen sind 19% Umsatzsteuer enthalten.

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