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„Designing the Boston Sax Shop reed line has been a dream of mine, stemmed from the frustration that many of us as players have searching for that ‘perfect’ reed. For years I personally struggled to find a well balanced reed that would promote a warm, homogenous tone while still allowing me to project. Most ‘jazz’ cut reeds seemed to play too ‘bright’ and ‘buzzy’ but offered the projection I needed while ‘classical’ reeds had the depth and evenness I was searching for but simply could not cut across a band. So with the help of the finest French cane manufacturer in the world, I designed a ‘hybrid’ jazz reed that had qualities of both cuts, creating a reed that did exactly what I asked; providing a warm and dark tone while still being able to be pushed.

I certainly hope you give them a try and enjoy them as much as I do!“

Jack Finucane / Boston Sax Shop


Der angegebene Grundpreis bezieht sich auf  eine Packung mit 5 Blättern. Ausgewählte Stärken sind auch in Packungen mit 10 Blättern erhältlich und sind in der Auswahl der Stärke entsprechend gekennzeichnet.

Es besteht die Möglichkeit einzelne Packungen mit 5 Blättern geöffnet und flach verpackt vergünstigt zu versenden. Diese alternative Versandmethode kann an der Kasse gewählt werden. Ausgepackte Packungen sind vom Umtausch ausgeschlossen.


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